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Watercolour Techniques – 1 to 1 Zoom Lesson

Duration of the Zoom lesson: 1 hour

Level: Beginners to Intermediate

The lesson is focused on understanding the watercolour medium, suitable for beginners to intermediate level. In the first half of the lesson you’ll learn in detail the basic materials that are used for watercolour.

This includes:

– an introduction to the different types of watercolour papers focusing on hot-pressed and cold-pressed papers

– the difference between hot-pressed and cold-pressed papers and how to select the right paper for certain artworks

– how the pigment react on each surface elaborating the time limit

– the difference between synthetic and sable brushes

– discussing a range of flat and round brushes and their specific purposes/qualities

– an introduction to the different watercolour paints, palettes and pigments

– briefly discussing a range of watercolour types

– an insight into the artists’ and professional paints

– testing and mixing colour swatches and their benefits

– how to mix the pigments highlighting the unique qualities of different pigments and their strength

– how to balance the amount of water and pigment when mixing and applying onto the paper


In the second half of the lesson you’ll learn several watercolour techniques. I start by teaching the two basic and the most important techniques in watercolour painting which are ‘wet-in-wet’ and ‘wet on dry’. You will learn how to blend different colours together as I will explain the families and under tones of certain pigments. I will also explain by example how some pigments blend well together and some don’t.

Furthermore, you will learn how to achieve different textures and effects by using various materials like salt, plastic wrapping paper, rubbing alcohol and sponge/tissue paper to create and achieve a variety of interesting finishes, layers, vibrancy, hues and depth of watercolours.


Materials you need for the lesson:

  • Watercolour Palette (see the recommended palettes bellow)
  • Watercolour brush (ideally a sable brush in any number between 2 to 5)
  • 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper in size A4 or A3


For the techniques you need the following products:

  • Salt
  • Rubbing alcohol (it’s okay if you don’t have it as I can show you how it works, you don’t have to buy it)
  • Plastic wrap (cling film would work)
  • Sponge/tissue paper
  • Masking fluid (again don’t worry if you don’t have it)


Materials I’ll be using:


Recommended Watercolour sets for the beginners:


Once you book your lesson, you will receive a Zoom link via email within 24 hrs of your booking.
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14 days before the lesson:

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 Less than 7 days before the lesson:

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