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Maaida Noor

Influenced by her British and Pakistani roots, award-winning artist Maaida Noor takes inspiration from the incredibly rich and diverse heritage of Islamic arts and the cultural values of the Muslim world. Noor is a student of both the ancient and modern world and she is continuing a tradition of art based on nature, geometrical beauty and the Sacred. She combines art forms from the ‘Maghreb’ (Northwest Africa) region, Medieval Fatimids to the Safavid Persians and the Mughal Indians to create work that she believes calls us back to our Beloved and to our essential oneness with nature.

“Art for me is a form of prayer – I use the verses of Sacred Islamic scripture to remember our human connection with the Eternal. This inspires me to create, and what better opportunity and method to contemplate then to create a sanctuary that utilises the harmonic geometry in nature, the arabesque patterns inside calligraphy and to use colours to speak through my brushes”

Noor started her career in 2009 when the Mica Gallery in Knightsbridge, London showcased 20 small pieces of her calligraphy launching her to the art scene. Since then Noor has had her art displayed across the UK in public and private exhibition and galleries – including in Battersea Power Station, the Three Faiths Forum, various auction houses, and corporate and private collections including members of the Jordanian Royal Family. She continues to inspire and reach the masses through collaboration with global brands such as: Jo Malone, Molton Brown, AERIN, Estee Lauder, HP Latex and many more.

Noor’s journey into the world of geometry and traditional Islamic illumination first started in 2014 when she began studying at the Art of Islamic Pattern then later at the PSTA in London. These courses opened a door to a whole new world: Noor was intrigued by the precision and delicacy of the complex patterns and intense history of the art itself. Her nature to challenge herself drove her to make miniature versions of these patterns and eventually create her own interpretations and arrangements. This journey is ongoing as she continues to explore the deeper meanings and hidden sciences of the subject.

Having also obtained The Open Programme diploma at 'The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts' Noor knows how to use traditional methods; however her appreciation of these historic practices is combined with a desire for self-expression, a love of watercolour as a medium and an acute sense of colour. The result is a mix of ancient disciplines with vivid colours and a modern expressive technique. This integration of verses of Islamic scripture, sacred geometry and biomorphic patterns, and an expressive watercolour medium is unique to Noor.

In many ways Noor is an artist of the modern renaissance and her work continues to evolve a discipline that has proven to be timeless.


  • Christian Dior
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Al Jazeera
  • Estee Lauder
  • Jo Malone
  • AvroKo - Interior Design
  • HKS Architects
  • Harrods
  • Selfridges
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Molton Brown
  • Mizensir Parfums
  • HP Latex
  • The Holburne Museum
  • The William Morris Society
  • knucklehead
  • The Body Shop
  • Feathers UAE
  • Mirzam Chocolate
  • Al-Asyl
  • Haute Elan
  • Goppion
  • The Hettema Group
  • Sunquick
  • Mica Gallery
  • Weekly Zaman
  • Muslim Museum Initiative
  • Emel Magazine
  • L’Odore
  • Muslim Mint
  • IMOW
  • Islam Channel
  • Express Tribune
  • Cambridge Mosque
  • MYH
  • Human Relief Mission
  • HHUG
  • Muslim Aid

Awards | Commissions | Projects

  • CHRISTIAN DIOR collaboration 2019

    Commissioned by Christian Dior to collaborate for Eid 2019 - embellishing and personalising the DIOR gift boxes and DIOR fragrances with Arabic/Western calligraphy and illumination motifs.
  • 'Hearts Turn' Book Cover 2018

    Designed the book cover of Michael Sugich‘s second book 'Hearts Turn’.
  • Mirzam – Chocolate Makers, 2018

    Collaboration for Eid Al-Adha 2018, designed belly bands for Mirzam’s Eid Special ‘Spice Route Caramels’ gift boxes.
  • Estée Lauder & AERIN - HARRODS - SELFRIDGES - HARVEY NICHOLS 2017,2018

    A collaboration with Estee Lauder & AERIN - hand painting/designing their luxury perfume bottles with Arabic Calligraphy, Western Calligraphy and Illumination Patterns live at their Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods boutiques for several events including Eid and Christmas 2017, 2018.
  • Knucklehead – HP Latex, Belfast & Dublin 2017

    Approached by Knucklehead to create artwork for their online commercial documentary for HP Latex called ‘Print Over Hate’. The film is about negative graffiti in the UK looking at the people and places who have been impacted by it, with the aim being to cover the buildings that were defaced with positive pieces of print art in a celebration of unity.
  • Molton Brown Candles 2017

    Commissioned by Molton Brown to design and decorate their ‘Russian Leather' candle collection exclusively sold at Harrods.
  • Al-Asyl 2017

    Collaboration with Al-Asyl to design the packaging of their new range of products.
  • MPK Studios Pakistan, 2017

    Commissioned to create Textile Designs manually (later printed) for their traditional attire collection. The company specialises in textile and embroidery solutions for eastern wear retail brands.
  • British Muslim Awards, 2017

    Winner of the 2017 British Muslim Awards in the Arts and Cultural Awareness category.
  • Molton Brown Eid Collab 2016,2017

    Commissioned to do calligraphy by hand on Molton Brown Harrods exclusive gift boxes for Eid 2016,2017.
  • Feathers UAE, 2016

    Commissioned to produce five scarf and twilly designs
  • Jo Malone, London 2014, 2015

    Commissioned to provide Arabic and Western calligraphy services for Eid at their Harrods, Selfridges and Sloane St boutiques in London.
  • Muslim Mint, 2015

    Commissioned to design a coin, front and back.
  • Gopion, 2015

    Commissioned to provide Arabic Calligraphy designs to be a part of the upcoming project ‘Atturaif Living Museum’ Riyadh, KSA
  • The Hettema Group, 2014, 2015

    Commissioned to provide Arabic Calligraphy designs to be a part of the upcoming project ‘Atturaif Living Museum’ Riyadh, KSA
  • The Body Shop, 2014

    Commissioned Noor to provide Arabic Calligraphy services on the launch event of their range of Argon Oil products.
  • Nawal Mithai, 2014

    Contributed with Nawal Mithai to design the brand logo.


  • The Written Word: Timeless Arabic & Hebrew Calligraphy Exhibition 2022

    Organised by University of Cambridge/Woolf Institute
  • M&C Saatchi Group - Eid Exhibition 2022

    Selected artist to showcase artworks at the M&C Saatchi London Headquarters.
  • The Art of Islamic Pattern: A Living Tradition 2019

    Exhibition hosted by Homerton Hospital - featured artist
  • Manifesting The Unseen, Guest Projects London 2018

    Featured artist

    Featured artist in an exclusive contemporary Art and Photography exhibition on Oxford Street.
  • Downtown Ramadan Art exhibition – Dubai 2014

    Featured artist in the exhibition held at ‘The Gallery’ at Emaar Pavilion and Downtown with 27 artworks cherry-picked from the London-based Islamic art gallery Ahlan Art.

    Part of ‘Asian Art in London’ by Mica Gallery, this show displayed the best of emerging contemporary British Pakistani art and culture.
  • THE BOILER HOUSE – Battersea Power Station, London 2009

    Exhibited in the presence of HRH Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan and HRH Princess Badiyah of Jordan. Noor was selected out of several hundred emerging artists to create a ‘Mosaic of Talent’ for their Royal Highnesses, which was a special memento for their VIP guests.
  • Candida Arts Centre – Islington, London 2009

    Exhibited as part of The Three Faiths Forum ‘WomenArTogether’ exhibition.


  • Express Tribune, 2010

    Featured artist in The Express Tribune: ‘A mecca for art in London’.
  • EMEL magazine, 2010

    Featured artist in “EMEL” magazine.
  • Weekly Zaman- London, 2010

    Published in an interview: ‘The changing face of modern calligraphy’ featuring Maaida Noor.
  • EMEL, 2012

    Featured artist Kaleidoscope of Cultures
  • IMOW (International Museum of Women), 2013

    Maaida Noor’s paintings on connection, power and change were featured on the IMOW website in the Muslim women’s Art and Voices section.
  • Muslim Museum, 2014

    Featured Artist
  • Islam Channel appearance, 2015, 2016

    Guest appearance in ‘Living the life’
  • IDF council, 2017

    Featured artist in their blog post ‘Celebrating Women’s Day: 5 Female artists you need to know’
  • Ahlan Arts, 2017

    Featured artist in their blog post ‘Celebrating Women’s Day: 5 Female artists you need to know’
British Muslim Awards

Winner of the '2017 British Muslim Awards in the Arts and Cultural Awareness' category.


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