‘Hearts Turn’ by Michael Sugich

“I had the privilege to create the cover for this amazing book. Prior to publishing I read it in depth to help fully understand its message and stir the emotions into an artwork by illustrating the turning of a heart through the splash of colours and geometry.

Geometry holds a special place in Islamic art and architecture. It reflects the remembrance of the Almighty in a form of dhikr, its purpose being to lead the soul to the Divine through the skilled manipulation of space, light and sound – seeking to communicate deeply the dematerialisation of matter and the perceptibility of the immaterial. The fivefold sacred geometry in nature is seen as a sign of the Divine creation.

After much reflection and contemplation I chose a fivefold geometric pattern as a symbol of the Divine presence in a human heart. The selection of the colours is based on translating the spiritual journey. I painted the inner most circle of the geometric pattern in a fierce red to represent a heart full of emotions, thoughts and power. The colours change as they grow, showing a transformation of a heart through embracing the infinite mercy of the Divine, they slowly turn and merge into the beautiful spectrum of light – full of hope, content and positivity.
It’s a turning of a heart – a heart with a sight.”

“An illuminated heart is capable of seeing the stamp which helps in transcending this realm to the other”.
-Sa’id al-Nursi

Photographed and published by Inspiral Design https://inspiraldesign.com