‘Hearts Turn’ by Michael Sugich

I had the privilege to read this phenomenal book prior to publishing so to stir all the emotions into the artwork by illustrating the ‘turning of a heart’ through the splash of colours and geometry.

Geometry holds a special place in Islamic art and architecture. It reflects the remembrance of the Almighty – the divine attributes – a form of dhikr – its purpose being to lead the soul to the Divine through the skilled manipulation of space, light and sound – seeking to communicate deeply the dematerialization of matter and the perceptibility of the immaterial.

I took my time to read, reflect and think before composing a five-fold – representing His abode in a heart. Knowing that His mercy is greater than the sins we humans commit, His love encompassing the universes and beyond, His nearness closer than our breath and His power to be the ultimate.
I chose the inner most circle of the five-fold to hold a fierce red reflecting that of a heart – full of emotions/thoughts/power, embracing His infinite mercy, slowly turning and merging itself into the spectrum of light and positive aspects of this finite life.
It’s a turning of a heart – a heart with a sight.

“An illuminated heart is capable of seeing the stamp which helps in transcending this realm to the other”.
-Sa’id al-Nursi

Book cover published (and the images) by https://inspiraldesign.com