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Arabic Calligraphy Gift Set- Maghrebi Script


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The gift box is inspired by a thousand year old tradition and style of Arabic calligraphy called the Maghrebi script. The script was developed and then flourished in the regions of al-Andalus (muslim Spain), and western & northern parts of Africa, including present day Morocco, Mali, Sudan and others.

The products included in this kit are:

  • A wooden pen (qalam) made from quality reed – 100% natural.
  • The inkwell is made from recyclable glass and comes with an aluminium lid which is also fully recyclable.
  • The likka is made from pure and natural raw silk fibres.
  • The walnut ink crystals come in a recyclable glass jar and cork lid, the crystals are 100% natural and are made from crushed walnut husks.
  • The letter guide and instruction manual are printed on recycled uncoated paper which is FSC registered. They are stored in an envelope which is also fully recycled and reusable.
  • The practice sheets are gloss-coated made from 100% FSC recycled pulp by reusing post-consumer wastepaper. This means less waste to landfill, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy, and no wood as a raw material.
  • The wooden mixer is made from bamboo which is fully recyclable.


Reed Pen (Qalam)
The qalam is the centuries-old traditional tool for writing arabic calligraphy. Due to the soft nature and flexibility of the reed pen, it makes it ideal to meet the precise requirements needed for arabic calligraphy. The qalam included in this kit is cut and prepared by hand to a professional standard and ready to use. It has been efficiently sourced through the guidance of master calligraphers ensuring the highest quality. The average length of the qalams is 24cm – 27cm. The length of the cut for the nib is 3mm approx.

15ml inkwell with an airtight cap.
The wide opening at the top makes it very easy to clean out and replenish with new ink. The airtight cap ensures no leakage and preserves the ink for longer.

Likka (Raw Silk Fibres)
The likka is made from pure silk fibres that are traditionally used to prepare the ink for arabic calligraphy. The purpose of placing likka in the inkwell is to help regulate the amount of ink that goes onto the qalam which prevents pools of ink gathering as you write and reduces the chances of spilling the ink.

Walnut Ink Crystals
This kit comes with walnut ink in crystalised form. Once prepared, the ink can last for a long time if the inkwell is looked after properly, i.e., keeping the lid tightly closed when not in use and adding a few drops of distilled water when it starts to dry up. For Arabic calligraphy the best ink to use is a water-based ink.

Maghrebi Script Letter Guide
The Arabic Letter Guide you receive in this kit is based on the Maghrebi Script – Al Mabsoot Style. This guide takes you through each of the individual letters, step by step, showing you the correct proportions of each letter based on the ‘dot system’.

Instruction Manual
A detailed manual which takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the inkwell and other materials.

Calligraphy Practice Sheets
There are 5 blank gloss paper sheets included in this kit. Gloss paper is ideal to use for practicing Arabic calligraphy as the smoothness of the paper resembles the traditional ahar paper. The smooth surface allows the qalam strokes to flow with ease. Standard printing paper should be avoided while using the qalam and ink.

A small wooden stick with a handle to mix the ink when preparing and using it.

Packaging materials
Reed Pen (Qalam)
Glass Inkwell 50ml
Likka (Raw Silk Fibres)
Walnut Ink Crystals 5g
Wooden Bamboo Mixer
Maghrebi Letter Guide
Instruction Manual
Calligraphy Practice Sheets x 5

  • The linen pouches are included in the kit to store the inkwell and walnut ink crystals. These pouches are made from 100% natural and undyed linen – they are fully recyclable.
  • The recycled shredded tissue (which is used to provide the bedding inside the box) and the tissue paper (which is used to wrap the reed pen) are acid free and FSC registered.
  • The label stickers are made of uncoated recycled paper which is biodegradable and fully recyclable.
  • The gift box is produced using a grey board which is made from a mix of recycled and wastepaper and is 100% recyclable. Foil stamping is eco-friendly, and there should be no concerns about any negative long-term effects that it will have on the environment.
  • For protection purposes the kit is packed in a bag which is an eco-friendly alternative to standard polythene mailing bags. It is produced from sugar cane and is carbon neutral and fully recyclable.
  • Lavender flowers are an aesthetic touch to provide freshness and calming aroma.

This kit is plastic free, eco-friendly and fully recyclable. All the products and materials in this kit are carefully selected to ensure the quality and sustainability. It’s packed with love and care.

In collaboration with House of Calligraphy



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