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The ‘Nukta’ (dot)

56cm diameter
Watercolour and 24k genuine goldleaf on handmade khadi paper

Bulle Shah, the Punjabi sufi poet describes all of creation within a dot by 'Ek nuktay wich gal mukdi eh’ (A dot encompasses it all).

The 'nukta' for Maaida represents the collective of man's existence - the physical as well as the metaphysical. Life takes form at particle level but further investigation reveals greater depth. The soul and the 'nafs' (ego), though immaterial, exist within the material.

Maaida explores the theme of the existent and the non-existent by nesting man's vision, creativity and thus the beauty of the Divine himself within a very physical and finite space. Maaida ponders and enquires of herself - "how can the infinitude of our creator be contained within the created".


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